x-espresso URL Scheme


You can use the custom URL scheme x-espresso://open to create links that will automatically open a file in Espresso and optionally select particular lines and/or ranges. This is typically most useful in plug-ins that validate or otherwise parse files, but can be used anywhere on the system that you can activate a link.

To open a file, you must include up to three query variables:

For instance, to simply open a file:


To select one or more lines list the line numbers separated by commas (,), or use a range of lines denoted with a hyphen:


The above example will select line 4, and lines 10-15.

Or you can select one or more specific ranges in the form "index,length" where "index" is a zero-based character count from the start of the document; multiple ranges are separated by plus signs (+):


The above example will select ten characters starting at index 1 (the second character in the document, since it is a zero-based index), and two characters starting at index 15.

You can also mix and match line selection and ranges if you wish.