Your Localizable.strings file(s) allow you to easily translate your plug-in's user-visible strings.

Localizable.strings files live inside of *.lproj folders in the root-level Resources folder of your plug-in. For instance, your English strings will live here:



Localizable.strings files are plain text files that use the following syntax:

"" = "Localized string";
// A comment
"" = "Another string";

Most commonly, you will be localizing the titles for your Action.xml files. In this instance, if you have an action with the ID "com.mydomain.mysugar.text-actions.action-name" then you would have the following entry in your Localizable.strings file:

"com.mydomain.mysugar.text-actions.action-name.title" = "My Custom Action";

If you are localizing a different element, you will append something other than "title" to the action ID.