Editing Whitespace

In addition to the text editing shortcuts that are standard across OS X, Espresso also offers several basic shortcuts for handling indentation and other whitespace.


There are two ways to easily indent and outdent blocks of text; which you use is more personal preference than anything else. The first method is to select a chunk of text and choose Actions ⟩ Shift Right (command ]) or Actions ⟩ Shift Left (command [). (You do not need to select the entire line for this to work; any line that is partially selected will be shifted.)

Alternatively, you may press tab to increase one level of indentation or shift tab to decrease one level of indentation.

Inserting linebreaks

As you would expect, pressing enter will insert a linebreak at your cursor.

If you wish to create a new line from within the middle of an existing line (without disrupting the line), however, you can press command enter. This is particularly useful when using CodeSense in CSS, for instance.

New lines will use the same amount of indentation as the line you came from. If you instead need to create a new line with an additional level of indentation, press control enter. If any characters follow your cursor, they will be moved to their own line to wrap your newly indented line. So for instance if you type <div> and press control enter you will get this (pipe represents cursor):


But if you have the code <div>|</div> in your document and press control enter you will get this: