The Workspace is where the project files you are actively editing are displayed. Whenever you edit a file, it will be added to your Workspace. You can drag items in your Workspace to reorder them, or drag them outside the Workspace to drop them in their own window (or in the tab bar of an existing window).

The Workspace performs the same function as tabs in other programs, but with the benefit of always showing you the full file name, being scrollable if you have a large number of files open, and allowing you to see with a single glance which file is which through automatically displaying contextual info.

You can switch between files in your Workspace using the same shortcuts as you would for tabs in a normal window: control tab and control shift tab

Quick Publish

At the far right of the Workspace are icons indicating the Quick Publish status of the selected file:

Quick Open

To open files in the Workspace, you can double click them under Project Files, or use Quick Open shift command O.

Quick Open allows you to find files using fuzzy searching based on the filename. Simply type the string you wish to search, select the file in the list, and hit enter to open it in the Workspace.