Project Find and Replace

To do a project-wide find and replace action, choose File ⟩ Find in Project... (shift command F) or

By default, searches will be literal and case insensitive. If you would like to use case sensitive searches or enable regular expressions, you can do so in the (More information here about Espresso's regular expressions.)

Once you have your find query typed in, hit enter or click the "Find" button to perform the search. Results will be displayed where your project files normally live. Click a file to view the first result in the editing area, or toggle the arrow next to the file name open to see all results.

If you wish to replace all hits, enter something in the replace text box and click the "Replace" button. If you only wish to replace some of them, select the files or results in the list and then hit the "Replace" button to only replace your selections (you can also select a folder to replace all instances in its child files).