Selection Actions

To make common tasks easier, Espresso offers several ways to quickly select chunks of text.

Actions ⟩ Select ⟩ Word (control option W)

If your cursor is at the very beginning or very end of a word, you can easily select it by pressing shift option right or shift option left. However, if your cursor is in the middle of a word, control option W may be a quicker method to select the word (you can also use it if the cursor is at the beginning or end of a word if you like).

Actions ⟩ Select ⟩ Line (shift command L)

Press shift command L to select the entire line (including any leading or trailing whitespace).

Actions ⟩ Select ⟩ Line Contents (option command L)

Press option command L to select only the lines contents (everything except for the leading or trailing whitespace). This can also be a handy way to quickly position your cursor at the beginning of the line's contents; simply press option command L and then left.

Actions ⟩ Select ⟩ Balance (command B)

The Balance action behaves differently depending on context:

You can press command B more than once to move upwards through larger and larger selections.

Actions ⟩ Select ⟩ Balance Inward (option command B)

In general, this will behave inversely to the Balance action. So if you have a <p> tag selected, option command B will select its contents. However, because code blocks can have more than one child, Balance Inward will only move into the first child it finds.