CSS Editing Tools

Espresso includes tools for easily modifying your stylesheets, which will be available in the lower half of the right Tools sidebar when you are editing CSS files.

To use the CSS editing tools, place your text cursor inside of the selector you want to modify in the source, and then adjust the CSS properties in the tools as needed. There are three categories:


Most of the CSSEdit tools should be largely self-explanatory, but here are some tips for using them:

Browser compatibility

The vast majority of the CSSEdit tools provided in Espresso 2.0 will output code that is compatible with all major browsers (although browser-specific implementations of the box model or similar may still affect your site). However there are some tools that add support for CSS3 properties that are only compatible with advanced browsers. Where possible, Espresso will automatically output code for the major browser variants (mostly -webkit and -moz variants of properties), but some features like multiple backgrounds may look like normal CSS but still only work in advanced browsers.

Browser compatibility for CSS properties is a topic that is changing too fast to document here, but you can find more information about which browsers support which CSS properties by searching the web.